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Boknal Days Are Here Again!

by Stephanie Hillman

  Another Torturous Summer “Festival” is Underway The atrocities of China’s Yulin “festival” are still fresh in our minds as yet another similar “festival” is happening right now! South Korea’s Boknal Days are “festivities” that specifically revolve around eating dogs. During the presumed three hottest days of the summer, this year July 13th, 23rd and […]


Pressure On at Yulin Dog and Cat Meat Festival

by Stephanie Hillman

  We regret to inform you, that despite the local and international outcry and opposition to the Summer Solstice Lychee Dog and Cat Meat Festival, including our action alert and others created by many groups and individuals that generated thousands of emails to officials in positions of power, the horrific and inhumane ‘celebration’ took place […]


In Defense of Animals Offers $750 Reward in Two Animal Abandonment Cases

by Eric Phelps

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Doll Stanley, 662-809-4483, In Defense of Animals Offers $750 Reward in Two Animal Abandonment Cases Grenada, Miss. (April 9, 2015) – In Defense of Animals (IDA), the international non-profit animal protection organization which operates Hope Animal Sanctuary (HAS) in Carroll County, Mississippi, has announced a $750 reward for information leading […]


A Double Tragedy

by Bob Price

  Last week, the picture of the mysterious unnamed Vietnamese girl seen sobbing and tearful next to the body of a dead dog, cooked, and prepared for sale at one of Vietnam’s open air dog meat markets broke the collective heart of the internet. Now, more details have emerged and the story has somehow become […]


Rabies-Infected Dog Meat Scare

by Paul Seigel

  Health Officials Sound the Alarm about this Illegal Killing Industry in Philippines! The South China Morning Post reported just days ago that at least 13 people in the Philippine city of Zamboango, including nine children, would receive a series of post exposure vaccines after eating rabies-infected dog meat – adding yet another layer of […]