Dog Days of Summer (a friendly reminder from the Guardian campaign)

by Anita Carswell

Several times a year we learn of tragedies that could have been prevented. People tend not to realize that during the “dog days” of summer, for example, the temperature inside a car can climb to well above 100ºF degrees in just a matter of minutes. Because dogs can only cool themselves by panting and sweating […]

IDA is thrilled to announce Ohio’s First Guardian City: Parma, Ohio!

by Anita Carswell

Due to the hard work and dedication of local animal advocate, Brandon Yanak, Ohio has its first Guardian Community. Not only did Brandon convince the Parma City Council to change their animal related ordinances, but he also convinced the Parma Animal Shelter, and the Middleburg Heights Animal Foundation to make the choice to use “guardian” […]

Glorious Glory

by Doll Stanley

The plight of horses is worsening. Some blame the economy; others say banning horse slaughter in the U.S. meant “owners” who couldn’t sell their horses let them starve. I say it’s both selfishness and ignorance. Horses are being overbred just like other companion animals. Those who think they can make a buck breed and then find out there […]

Good Guardians know that Bunnies need more than Baskets!

by Webmaster

With Easter approaching, many people’s thoughts turn towards bunnies, who have long represented the holiday thanks to their symbolic associations of fertility, rebirth, and regeneration. This year rabbits are even more visible than at other years during this time, because the Chinese Lunar Year which began this February is officially the Year of the Rabbit. […]

Another 31 Animals are Spayed & Neutered at Hope Animal Sanctuary!

by Doll Stanley

Thanks to Mississippi State University’s (MSU) student surgery team, Hope Animal Sanctuary was able to spay/neuter 4 cats and 27 dogs this week.  Deedra and Bryce Booker brought the dogs they’re fostering for us , Cindy Shaw brought the dogs Debbie Young is caring for, Arlin Arco brought the Winona Animal Shelter dogs we could […]

70 Dogs & A Cat Given Hope For The Holidays!

by Doll Stanley

It’s so exciting to share the news of the transport finale. Seventy dogs and a cat arrived at our friends at Every Creature Counts in Ft. Lupton, Colo. Over the past year, ECC received nearly a thousand animals from us. Wow! A thousand animals who didn’t die on roads, in the woods, in dismal backyards, in shelters. I’d […]

More Hope for the Animals in Mississippi…

by Doll Stanley

Every transport is a challenge. The logistics of an operation that brings together so many people and animals from so many different locations could give UPS a run for their money, and our most recent transport was no different. Hope Animal Sanctuary Director Doll Stanley and volunteer Lisa Martin departed the sanctuary this past Sunday […]

Looking back at a month in Mississippi…

by Doll Stanley

I spent nearly the entire month of October in Mississippi filling in for Doll at Hope Animal Sanctuary (HAS). Doll was on much deserved and much needed vacation and they needed an extra pair of hands, so I offered to help. This was not my first time at the Sanctuary, I’ve been down several times […]

Thank You MSU’s Veterinary Program for making Hope Animal Sanctuary’s Spay & Neuter Day a Huge Success!

by Doll Stanley

On Tuesday, October 5 Dr. Bushby and his team of veterinary students and technicians from Mississippi State University (MSU) rolled into Hope Animal Sanctuary (HAS) with their mobile veterinary clinic for another busy spay/neuter day. On this day the team from MSU would alter six cats and twenty dogs, most of whom were from HAS, […]