First-Ever Milwaukee Veg Expo

by Lisa Levinson

Visit our Vegan Spirituality booth! Experience the joys of plant powered living at the first annual Milwaukee Veg Expo! Discover how plant-based eating positively impacts the planet, including the land, water, and other natural resources we need to survive and thrive. Learn about this lifestyle by tasting food samples, watching documentaries, listening to nutrition experts, […]


World Week for Animals in Laboratories at UCLA gets media!

by Lisa Levinson

  World Week for Animals in Laboratories at UCLA gets media! Over one hundred activists from Animal Justice Project, In Defense of Animals, Progress for Science, and People for Reason in Science and Medicine (PRISM) marched across UCLA’s campus in Los Angeles as part of World Week for Animals in Laboratories to protest their cruel […]


Love-Based Animal Activism

by Lisa Levinson

  Did you know that world-renowned author Leo Tolstoy was an ethical vegetarian who preached kindness and nonviolence? In fact, Tolstoy was the father of current love-based activism practiced by Toronto Pig Save and The Save Movement! Tolstoy powerfully defined our duty to bear witness to animal suffering: “When the suffering of another creature causes […]


15th Annual New Living Expo

by Lisa Levinson

  Join Us in San Mateo on Friday, April 29 – Sunday, May 1 Learn about the Vegan Novel, “Sweet Healing,” with Michael Bedar on May 1 Join IDA at the Bay Area’s signature holistic living event with lectures and panels on wellness, mindfulness, and spirituality and over 180 exhibits on ecology, alternative health, the […]


Celebrate Veg Life with Us at VegFest LA

by Lisa Levinson

  Visit our Sustainable Activism booth! WorldFest is back as VegFest LA, an all-vegan event with an international vegan food court, great live music, empowering speakers on health, environmental, humanitarian and animal topics, kids’ activities, animal adoptions, an eco-marketplace with over 150 vendors, cooking demos and more! This fun green-powered festival will inspire you about important […]


Is Animal Abuse Making You Angry?

by Lisa Levinson

  Do you ever feel overwhelmed with anger after reading articles and posts about animal abuse? If so, you’re not alone. How can we cultivate a world of compassion when we are filled with so much anger? Many In Defense of Animals supporters find it helpful to share their feelings about animal abuse in our […]


Join Us at Red and Green VegFest

by Lisa Levinson

Happening in Albuquerque on Saturday April 23 Join in an Earth Day weekend celebration to learn about all things vegan and the impact of cruelty-free choices on you and the planet, complete with information about climate change, animals, spirituality, food, nutrition, gardening, cooking and more! Listen to experts who are taking veganism into the future, […]


Coping With Anger at Animal Abuse

by Lisa Levinson

  We often hear from people who are filled with anger at animal abuse. If the blog below sounds like you or someone you know, please contact our dedicated Animal Activist Mentor Line at 1(800) 705-0425 or Reprinted with permission from The Vegan Independent. Like many vegans and animal activists, Lyndsay Doyle has experienced intense […]


Join Us Online With Filmmaker Thomas Jackson

by Lisa Levinson

  What would it mean for animals if every spiritual leader went vegan? Filmmaker Thomas Jackson asks just that in his new documentary, “The Compassion Project,” which encourages spiritual leaders to go vegan! You can watch a sneak preview of The Compassion Project here. Join us and our guest speaker Thomas Jackson as we explore […]


Why Do We Say “Poor Baby?”

by Lisa Levinson

  Have you ever heard a tale of animal suffering and said to yourself “poor baby?” We certainly have. But if the stories we tell about animals aren’t positive, it can become a form of toxic energy. Just like people, animals can often become characterized by the stories we tell about them, and our stories […]