Turning Anger into Action

by Dr. Will Tuttle

  IDA’s second Sustainable Activism Tip comes from “The World Peace Diet” author Dr. Will Tuttle, who acknowledges the rightful rage often felt by animal activists as we realize the magnitude of animal suffering in the world. To transform rage into compassionate action, he suggests getting involved in animal activism. “Doing something” to be part […]

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Our Sustainable Activism Tips Can Help You!

by Lisa Levinson

  Struggling to get through your busy week? IDA’s Sustainable Activism experts offer helpful tips to brighten your day and provide new self-care strategies. Members of our Council of Sustainable Activism, Helpline Counselors, and other professionals now will be presenting fifteen second video tips on a regular basis. Our first Sustainable Activism Tip comes from […]


Support Our Helpline!

by Bob Price

  It has only been up and available to the world for just a bit longer than two weeks, but in that short time the praise and support for In Defense of Animals Activist Helpline has been nothing short of astonishing! Activists from all over the United States and Canada can now take advantage of […]


Call IDA’s Animal Activist Helpline!

by Lisa Levinson

  Do you struggle asking for help? Are you discouraged by conflicts among animal activists? Are members of your community overshadowed by dominant personalities? Do you have trouble delegating activist work or balancing activism with your family life? These are among many causes of activist burnout, which hinder our ability to help animals effectively. Professor […]


IDA Launches Animal Activist Helpline!

by Lisa Levinson

  As an animal activist, do you ever feel overwhelmed, isolated, or stressed? What if you could receive genuine support from someone who truly understands your concern for animals? When confronting animal abuse, we can feel emotionally and physically exhausted. We may feel powerless, hopeless, resentful, irritable, and frustrated. Studies show that forty to fifty […]


Meet Hillary

by Denise Papas

  IDA invites you to read this column on our Sustainable Activism Blog by guest blogger Denise Papas, a freelance television producer/writer who specializes in biographies. Denise is featuring members of our Council of Sustainable Activism (CoSA) to introduce them to our supporters. CoSA provides emotional and spiritual resources for animal activists: Hillary Rettig […]


Teleseminar for Animal Activists

by Lisa Levinson

“Channeling Compassion into Action” Many people are waking up to the urgent need to create a more harmonious and conscientious global humanity. As animal advocates, we are well aware of the enormity of animal suffering worldwide and we are called to do something about it! In the process, we may experience burnout and exhaustion. The […]


Why Burnout Matters

by Dallas Rising

  IDA invites you to read this column on our Sustainable Activism Blog by guest blogger Dallas Rising, executive director of the Animal Rights Coalition and member of IDA’s Council of Sustainable Activism. Imagine you’re feeling on fire with your activism. You’ve got momentum, energy, and excitement. You have activist friends you care about and […]