Join Us for Compassionfest 2016 in New Haven on July 23!

by Lisa Levinson

  Join Us for Compassionfest 2016 in New Haven on July 23! Celebrate your values of justice, equality, and compassion at Compassionfest! At this second annual event, we are honored to present our featured speaker, “Our Hen House” blogger and nonprofit director Jasmine Singer. Gather for a free, fun, community event featuring delicious vegan food, […]


Stop the Ephrata Greased Pig Chase

by Lisa Levinson

  Each fall in Pennsylvania, The Ephrata Fair greases up pigs, puts them in a field and encourages dozens of screaming children and adults to chase, grab and slam terrified pigs to the ground. Whoever can grab the pig and carry her back to the crate receives a trophy. This event lasts several hours and […]


Animal Rights Support is Growing!

by Lisa Levinson

  For another year, In Defense of Animals was a proud sponsor of the National Animal Rights Conference. Over 1,700 animal advocates turned out in Los Angeles to learn and share how to do more for animals. Our movement is growing, which is excellent news for the animals whose very lives depend on us! Fabulous […]


Meet Monkeys and Relax with In Defense of Animals!

by Lisa Levinson

  You don’t have to die and go to heaven to visit this Garden of Eden. You can experience heaven on Earth at Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary! Next April, In Defense of Animals is hosting a Vegan Spirituality Retreat at Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary in Gainesville, Florida. This remarkable sanctuary not only fosters respect for […]


Want to Improve Your Vegan Advocacy?

by Lisa Levinson

  How can we as animal advocates best help nonhuman animals? This question gets thrown around and debated passionately among those who care deeply about animals. Many fall within different “camps,” claiming that their particular approach is more “effective” despite a lack of any meaningful or peer-reviewed scientific study. Often, claims of effectiveness are not […]

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We’re Offering Even More Support for Activists!

by Lisa Levinson

  Great news! We’re super excited to be able to offer even more support to fellow activists in the form of expanded hours for our Animal Activist Mentor Line. Now you can call our counselors from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Pacific Time (11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Eastern Time) Monday-Friday to speak with a […]


Hollywood-Style Slaughterhouse March

by Lisa Levinson

Last weekend, In Defense of Animals joined over one hundred activists who marched down Hollywood Boulevard in honor of animals suffering behind closed doors on factory farms and in slaughterhouses around the world. Activists surprised tourists at the infamous Grauman’s Chinese Theatre with a “die-in,” where they lay on the ground for a moment of […]


Install Support for Taiwan’s No-Kill Policy to Truly Help Animals

by Lisa Levinson

  Without promoting spay and neuter, and adoption,  a no-kill policy won’t work. Animal advocates around the world rejoiced when Taiwan announced its upcoming no-kill policy, but sadly it indirectly led to a death-sentence for shelter director Jian Zhicheng and could spell increased suffering for thousands of dogs. Xinwu Animal Protection and Education Centre is […]


Harnessing Religion for Animals

by Lisa Levinson

  Religion has a huge impact on the way the world views animals. Judaism, for example, has many powerful teachings on social justice and encourages compassionate choices to heal the planet. With the right knowledge and approach, we can apply these values to help animals. Join us for a thought-provoking discussion with renowned Jewish writer, […]


Join Us for the 6th Annual National Animal Rights Day

by Lisa Levinson

  The 6th annual National Animal Rights Day (NARD) event takes place on Sunday, June 5th simultaneously with NARD events in 13 other cities in the U.S and Canada. In Los Angeles, the event features an opening ceremony and a mini-vegfest with booths, vegan food, speakers, and performers. Stop by the IDA booth to learn […]