SeaWorld’s Sham

by Laura Bridgeman

  Think SeaWorld is Phasing Out Captivity? Think Again Sea World’s sham headlines spread like wildfire on Monday claiming that SeaWorld would begin phasing out orca shows. A bit of clarification is needed to make sense of what was actually said. In statements on its websites and in a press conference held on Monday, SeaWorld […]


Orca Victory!

by Lisa Couper

  Coastal Commission Bans Orca Breeding at SeaWorld in San Diego! On October 8, 2015, yet another nail was hammered into the coffin of SeaWorld; this time by the California Coastal Commission. We thank you for helping IDA contribute, in small part, by signing on to a collaborative letter with other organizations to this pivotal […]

Orcas begging for food.

Captive Orca Update

by Web Team

SeaWorld’s Excuses for Orca Entertainment Are a Complete Flop Earlier this month, IDA attended a roundtable discussion in San Diego where SeaWorld defended their captive orca programs and attempted to regain public trust. SeaWorld has been under fire ever since Tillikum, an adult male orca, killed a third person and the movie, Blackfish, heavily promoted […]