Meet our Board

Marilyn Kroplick M.D. is president of In Defense of Animals, a board-certified psychiatrist, and award-winning socio-political photographer.

Since 2011, Dr. Kroplick has led In Defense of Animals’ powerful campaigns to end the dog meat trade, advocate for elephants, strengthen animal cruelty laws, and save animals in need around the world. Her groundbreaking program to mentor and support animal activists marries support for humans and animals alike.

Her passion for animal rights was ignited in 2002 after purchasing a puppy from a pet store who became terribly sick. Dr. Kroplick’s fight for justice led her to discover the system of abuse that brings puppies to pet stores, and successfully expose and shut down the offending pet store.

Dr. Kroplick is using her extensive expertise to build a supportive and inclusive social change movement to achieve animal liberation through sustainable activism.

Michael Yadegari

Michael Yadegari is an attorney at law and real estate broker who has been In Defense of Animals' Treasurer since 2011.

Lisa Levinson

Lisa Levinson is the founder of Vegan Spirituality and co-founder of the Interfaith Vegan Coalition. She also founded the Philadelphia Toad Detour, which saves thousands of animals who migrate across busy roads during their annual migration.

Sammy Zablen

Sammy Zablen is a general contractor who is passionate about animal rights and encouraging people to lead healthy lifestyles.

Margie Tally
Board Member

Margie Tally taught grade school and special education before specializing in early childhood development for the California Regional Center. Throughout her teaching career, she always had a deep love for animals and has adopted numerous animals along the way. Margie now fosters kindness to animals as an In Defense of Animals board member.