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“Our first commitment is to the animals - and to you. We will always make sure the maximum amount of your hard-earned donations do the maximum amount of good for cast-off animals, in your honor.”
Marilyn Kroplick M.D.

Legacy Giving


Ensure that your love for animals lasts forever. Discover gift options that help animals, and give tax and income benefits to you.

“Each passing day shows how much more there is to do to help animals in need. Imagine how quickly we would achieve our mission, if everyone gave a lasting legacy for animals.”
Elliot M. Katz D.V.M.
Founder and President Emeritus


Our Vehicle Donation Program is a fantastic way to help animals without spending any money! 

If you own a car, boat, truck, or any other vehicle you aren't using, please consider donating it to In Defense of Animals. You get a tax deduction and we put your vehicle's value to work to help animals!


Tribute gifts are a unique and meaningful way to recognize a special individual.

Honor a friend or family member, honor an animal companion, or commemorate special events or milestones (such as weddings or birthdays) while making the world a better place for animals.