Break The Chains home

Collars embedded into necks, animals hanged to death over fences and off porches, abandoned to drown in flood waters, strangled or starved and dehydrated, exposure to blistering sun and icy cold, attacks by wild animals, pest infestations and disease from lack of vet care, impregnation of females by roving males, and worst of all, loneliness. This is the existence of ceaselessly chained dogs.

Chained dogs are three times more likely to show aggression and bite. It is the biggest predictor of aggression in dogs. Despite the clear animal welfare and human safety issues, only 21 states have legislation or ordinances in place that address dog chaining. In most cases, the regulations are weak, riddled with loopholes, or not enforced. 

For many years In Defense of Animals has rescued, rehabilitated and found adoptive homes for many chained dogs and successfully lobbied to pass anti-chaining ordinances. Now we are working on a bold strategy to outlaw this disgrace for good.


Our Vision

A United States where no dog is forced to suffer at the end of a chain thanks to strong and enforceable federal legislation.


Our Mission

Enacting state by state legislative change to protect man's best friend from a life of misery as a prisoner, without parole, endlessly tied to chains.


Our Strategy

We are building momentum at state level through legislative change which we will use at federal level to effect national legislation to outlaws tethering nationwide, ending the atrocity forever.


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