Victory: Over 50 Years of Kitten Killing by USDA Stopped

Victory: Over 50 Years of Kitten Killing by USDA Stopped

Thousands of you signed our legislative alert to end the USDA's needless killing of cats and kittens in toxoplasmosis research and this week the USDA announced it is ending the program!

Last year, White Coat Waste Project uncovered the gruesome experiments being carried out in a USDA lab. The lab was breeding kittens, then feeding them meat infected with toxoplasmosis in order to harvest the parasitic eggs from the kittens’ feces for use in other experiments, then killing the kittens.

As a result of the investigation, H.R.5780 - KITTEN Act of 2018, was introduced in Congress to stop the USDA experiments on kittens. That legislation ultimately failed to become law, but because of the pressure from animal groups, members of Congress, celebrities, and folks just like you, the USDA felt that pressure and canceled the wasteful experiments.

On behalf of the thousands of kitten lives saved by ending these cruel and unnecessary experiments, we thank you for speaking up for animals who would otherwise be languishing in vivisection labs with no voice.

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