Save One. Save Two. Save Them All!

Save One. Save Two. Save Them All!

When we committed early this year to a partnership with Jindo Love to rescue 200 dogs from the Asian dog meat trade, we didn't know if we could ever hit such a lofty goal. With all of the expenses for medical care and transport, the cost to bring just one dog to the United States can run as high as $2,000!

And then it happened... amidst the outpouring of support for our efforts, as donations for this ambitious project started to trickle in, a very special donor sent us a check for exactly $2,000 with a note printed in delicate handwriting:

"Please save one dog."

It became difficult to hold back the tears. No matter what else happened, we were going to save one more dog!

Excited and anxious, a dedicated IDA staffer was on a plane to Korea just a few short days later. Her entire trip was fraught with delays, hang-ups, and seemingly endless hardships as she negotiated the precarious international transport of her special rescue cargo.

We had done it! And even better; not one but four dogs were brought back on that trip, delivered safe and sound to their new forever homes. All told, In Defense of Animals has rescued and re-homed 290 victims of the Asian dog meat trade so far this year; 290 gentle and loving souls whose lives you have forever changed.

The work is far from over. As the clock ticks down on 2018, we are working frantically with Jindo Love, our partners on the ground in Asia, to rescue even more innocent lives.

Awakening the world to the horrors of the Asian dog meat trade seems an impossible task. How can something so large and so deeply and culturally ingrained ever be changed? Our strategy is simple: start by saving one. Then save the next. Then save the next after that.

No one person can do everything, but all of us together can do something. We can save one. And when that innocent life is free from the threat of brutal slaughter, our job will be to save the next.

Please consider making a special year-end gift to In Defense of Animals today. Your donation made before December 31st will be eligible to be matched dollar for dollar up to $50,000 from our special gift match fund. Please help us by providing the vital resources necessary to continue this work into the New Year and beyond.

Your donation today will save the next life...