South Korea’s Dog Meat Debate…Again

South Korea’s Dog Meat Debate…Again

A recent article emerged regarding the “age old debate of dog meat” in Korea.

The author cites many of the same old arguments for justifying dog meat in South Korea which include "cultural" cuisine, alleged (yet unfounded) health benefits. There is one argument that stands out as perhaps the most frustrating and that is the antiquated belief that "meat" dogs are somehow different from the dogs people enjoy as companions.

According to the author, he feels that the “dogs for bosin-tang are quite different from pets like poodles, greyhounds, St. Bernards, Yorkshire terriers, Chihuahuas and spaniels among others… Koreans do not eat pets, but dogs.”

This ignorant thought of “dogs” vs “pets” from the older generation has no validity as we activists are fully aware there is no distinction, especially when the purebreds noted by the author are making their way to the dinner table.

The animal companion population has been booming in South Korea for some time now along with Koreans’ desire for on-trend purebred puppies. As with any “pet” boom, we often see a rise in abandonment as well. Many purebreds are now found in slaughterhouses.

We do appreciate the author’s acknowledgement of the health risks involved in the unsanitary dog meat trade because there is no regulation that is in place for processing and butchering.

With President Moon welcoming a black mixed shelter dog once slated for the dog meat trade to the Blue House, we can only hope a new trend emerges among the older Koreans.

To read the convoluted opinion piece, click here.