These 3 Dog Meat Survivors Need a Loving Home!

These 3 Dog Meat Survivors Need a Loving Home!

We need your urgent help to find loving forever homes for these three fortunate dog meat survivors!

Korea's version of the infamous Yulin Dog Meat Festival is taking place right now: the dreaded Bok Nal “dog eating days”. In Defense of Animals is on the ground coordinating our South Korean Dog Rescue & Adoption Project, and these survivors need your immediate help!

Judy, 2-year-old Female Jindo

Judy was rescued from a dog meat farm ​by our rescue partners ​in South Korea, Jindo Love. ​Judy's foster carer describes her​ as a special girl who is "as sweet as a puppy." Judy's boyfriend was recently adopted out, and now she needs a lucky break to find her loving forever home. Watch Judy's rescue video and learn more about her here.

Brother and Sister Jindo Pups

These two beautiful puppies, brother and sister, were just rescued from a shelter in South Korea​​. ​Dog meat farmers regularly go to dog shelters and take the Jindos to raise them for slaughter. In this case, we got to them first! This lucky brother and sister are ready to fly back with our rescue coordinator to San Francisco... but we must assure them a loving home!

All dogs are fully vaccinated and spayed/neutered.

Let's giv​e​ these ​dog meat ​survivors the loving forever homes they deserve! If you are interested in becoming a guardian to these special dogs, please contact

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