Closed or closing elephant zoo exhibits

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Zoos that have closed or plan to close their elephant exhibits

Since 1991, the following zoos have closed their elephant exhibits:

1. Central Florida Zoo (Fla.)

2. Brookfield Zoo (Ill.)

3. Lion Country Safari (Fla.)

4. Jackson Zoo (Miss.)

5. Philadelphia Zoo (Pa.)

6. Abilene Zoo (Texas)

7. Alaska Zoo (Ala.)*

8. Gladys Porter Zoo (Texas)

9. Lincoln Park Zoo (Ill.)

10. Detroit Zoo (Mich.)

11. San Francisco Zoo (Calif.)

12. Chehaw Wild Animal Park (Ga.)

13. Greater Vancouver Zoo (Canada)*

14. Henry Vilas Zoo (Wis.)

15. Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo (La.)

16. Mesker Park Zoo (Ind.)

17. Frank Buck Zoo (Texas)*

18. Sacramento Zoo (Calif.)

19. Niabi Zoo (Ill.)* lost AZA accreditation shortly before the elephant program ended 

20. Toronto Zoo (Canada)

21. BREC’s Baton Rouge Zoo (La.)

22. Calgary Zoo (Canada)

23. Greenville Zoo (S.C.)

24. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (Calif.)* formerly AZA accredited

25. Woodland Park Zoo (Wash.)

26. Lee Richardson Zoo (Kan.)

27. Nashville Zoo (Tenn.)

28. Virginia Zoo (Va.)

29. Buffalo Zoo (N.Y.)

30. Grants Farm (Mo.)*

31. Riverbanks Zoo and Garden (S.C.)

32. Santa Barbara Zoo (Calif.)

33. Monterey Zoo (Calif.)

34. Hogle Zoo (Utah)

35. El Paso Zoo (TX.)

36. Zoo Knoxville (TN.)

* zoos not accredited by the Association of Zoos & Aquariums


The following zoos have announced plans to close or phase out their elephant exhibits:

1. Buttonwood Park Zoo (Mass.) 

2. Bronx Zoo (N.Y.) 

3. Pt. Defiance Zoo (Wash.) 

4. Louisville Zoo (KY.)


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