Gearing Up For Respect For Fish Day Merfolk Style

Gearing Up For Respect For Fish Day Merfolk Style

This year marks the fourth annual celebration of Respect For Fish Day, and we are focusing our efforts on one of the most atrocious cruelties against fish of all: fish farming. Find out how you can get involved!

Respect for Fish Day focuses on bringing awareness to the plights of fish which often go unseen or misunderstood, and the consequential harms to other animals that come as a result of fish abuse. In the past, Respect For Fish Day has centered around the “pet” trade, fishing, and ghost gear. Now, we are tackling fish farming, an industry that takes billions of animal lives per year, and we are doing it with the help of mermaids and mermen. 

We are calling all merfolk, including divers, surfers, and ocean lovers of all kinds and ages to help us expose the truth about fish farming and the harm it brings to fish, other marine animals, people, the environment, and of course merpeople!  

What's the Harm in Fish Farming? 

Farmed fish live in high-stress, overcrowded pens in offshore or land-based systems containing thousands of fish. Scientists have proven that fish are sentient and capable of feeling pain. Despite this, they are not covered under what meager animal protection laws there are, including the Animal Welfare Act, the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act, and the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act. In fact, many states explicitly exempt fish from being protected by their anti-cruelty laws, or exempt standard fishing practices from compliance with them. 

Not only are fish farms cruel, but they are also a threat to wild fish populations due to the increased risk of the spread of diseases and harsh chemicals used in farming. The pens allow for antibiotics, chemicals, and fish feces to flow freely out into the ocean which creates algal blooms and dead zones. This is detrimental to the marine ecosystem and the wild animals who live there. The nets that hold these fish also entangle animals like turtles and seals. These farms also add additional pressure and deplete wild fish populations, whose members are ironically caught through commercial fishing and fed to the fish who people eat from farms.

How To Participate In Mermaids Against Fish Farming 

Shell-abrate Respect for Fish Day by posting and tagging or sending us your fin-tastic mermaid photos highlighting why fish farming harms everyone. Pose with your favorite vegan fish alternatives, tangle your tail in fishnets, take a video of yourself discussing the harms of fish farming, paint #MermaidsAgainstFishFarming on your body, or take footage swimming, diving, or at the beach. Get creative to show the world why we need to end this cruel industry!

Prizes for fish-favorite entries include: 

  • Underwater apparel by award-winning merstylist and internationally renowned celebrity designer, Deborah Lindquist
  • Luxury sustainable swimwear made from recycled fishing nets by Summer Love Swimwear
  • A cash prize of $500

Tag us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok, or submit your photos to and your videos to We will be accepting photo and video submissions until July 21. Our favorite entries will be shared on our social media channels (with over 450,000 followers), and also with media. Spread the word and advocate for fish while gaining international publicity!