The Guardian Credo

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  • Animals are not our property, we are not their owners.
  • All life springs from the same source and that we are all part of a whole.
  • Because we are all part of this whole, we must widen our circle of justice and compassion beyond the human species to include other animals.
  • We must oppose cruelty and injustice towards animals, no matter how deeply rooted in habit, custom or tradition, and do all that is in our power to make their world a more just, compassionate and peaceful place.
  • It is our duty to formulate legal codes and responsible public policy that include the needs and interests of animals affected by our way of life.
  • Since other animals, whether domesticated or wild, are living beings, they ought not to have owners, only guardians, friends, caretakers, protectors, family or respectful observers.
  • Since animals are not objects or things, they should be referred to as we refer to ourselves or to our fellow humans — never as “it” — but by name, or as ‘he” or “she,” as appropriate.
  • We have a responsibility, as guardians of our animal companions, to ensure that their physical and emotional needs are met, and that our commitment to them is a commitment for life.
  • Since our fellow animals should never be considered as property, commodities, objects or things, they should not be bought or sold, but instead be adopted, rescued, or re-homed and welcomed as family, or left in their natural state with compassionate and thoughtful assistance.
  • We should respect and protect the boundaries, needs, and stable futures of “wild” animals and the habitats in which they live, as we expect our own homes and property to be respected and preserved.
  • We will not allow today’s imperfections to discourage us from continually working to reach our Guardian ideals.

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