Angel Was a Victim of Indiscriminate Breeding

Angel Was a Victim of Indiscriminate Breeding

Angel the kitten came to our Hope Animal Sanctuary with her mom and three siblings, all unwanted and unloved.  These beautiful kittens were all happy and playful, enjoying their new beds, scratching posts and toys in our cattery.  We soon discovered that Angel was different. She had a birth defect where the nerves that controlled her anal muscles did not develop properly, which meant that she was unable to defecate normally.

When animal companions are allowed to breed indiscriminately, inbreeding often occurs and this can cause congenital birth defects in some of their babies. Unfortunately, this was the case for little Angel. However, Hope Animal Sanctuary is working with our wonderful veterinarian and we are giving Angel special food and medications which will help maintain her quality of life. Today she is once again a playful and happy kitten. 

There are many reasons to spay or neuter your animal companions. The most important reason to sterilize involves reducing unplanned litters and thus reducing the number of unwanted animals. Spaying or neutering can also prevent cancers and improve overall health.

The staff of our Hope Animal Sanctuary in Mississippi are in the trenches day after day working to save unwanted or abused animals and providing them with the highest quality care possible after they are rescued.  The need in Mississippi is especially great with never enough resources for the thousands of unwanted dogs and cats.

We won’t give up on Angel and we hope you won’t either!  Please donate and help us continue to provide care for Angel and to save others just like her.

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