Hope Animal Sanctuary Rescues Special Needs Dogs

Hope Animal Sanctuary Rescues Special Needs Dogs

Our Hope Animal Sanctuary rescues animals regardless their physical condition. Last month, we accepted two special needs dogs into the sanctuary.

The first puppy to be rescued was Max, who was a three-month-old puppy from a backyard breeder who had posted the pup on social media as “free to a good home.” Because he was blind, fearing for his safety and quality of life, we offered to help. Max is a German Shepard/Husky mix. He can see some light and shadow and does very well when he is with other puppies. He can see them and loves to run and play. His foster mom says he is a very smart boy who wants to please his people.

The second puppy to be taken in was 8-month old Lola, who is just the sweetest girl you will ever meet. She has some vision issues as well and is also deaf. Her previous guardian asked for our help after Lola followed his truck as he left home one day. When his truck got stuck in a mudhole, poor Lola was left behind in the confusion. Three days later he found her waiting for him at the same spot. He knew then that he could not provide her the life she deserved.

Placing special needs dogs can take quite a while. The home must be just the right one, with guardians who understand blind and deaf dogs and have a strong commitment to providing for their special needs. Until those homes are found, Max and Lola will remain in the care of Hope Animal Sanctuary.

The issue in both precious souls was likely caused by poor breeding practices by backyard breeders. Sadly, these are not isolated cases. These two sweet dogs are the lucky ones. They will be cared for and will have wonderful lives. Others are not so fortunate.

 We hope you will join us in our efforts to advocate for an end to backyard breeding! It’s as easy as sharing the stories of Max and Lola and asking your friends to do the same. 

Your donations to In Defense of Animals will ensure that we can continue to save animals like Max and Lola.

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