Kittens Abandoned in a Storm Saved by Hope Animal Sanctuary

Kittens Abandoned in a Storm Saved by Hope Animal Sanctuary

As two of our Hope Animal Sanctuary caregivers returned to the Sanctuary after a long day of driving through heavy rain and thunderstorms to bring dogs and cats to their new homes, they were looking forward to getting home to rest. Instead, they saw a grey plastic crate on the ground just outside the Sanctuary gate and were shocked to hear the sounds of mewing kittens coming out of the bag. 

In the crate were five tiny, soaking-wet kittens. Someone had abandoned the kittens in the crate, which had a large square hole cut into the top that had let the rain in, soaking the kittens who had no way to stay dry.  Nearby sat their poor mother, who would not leave them alone despite her powerlessness to protect them.

The returning caregivers gathered up this entire sad little family and took them into the Sanctuary. They made sure all the cats were completely dry before placing them in our cattery. There they were given food and water before being settled in for the night. In the following days, they were vaccinated, de-wormed, and most importantly, given a lot of love! In a few days, the entire family will be leaving Hope Animal Sanctuary to head to new homes with guardians who will care for them as treasured members of their own families.

Because you donated to In Defense of Animals, this cat family’s story has a happy ending. Sadly, many are not so fortunate.  Please make a donation now to help us create more wonderful endings for other abandoned and abused animals.

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