Join the Fight to Shut Down Puppy Mills!

Join the Fight to Shut Down Puppy Mills!

An estimated 10,000 puppy mills across the United States breed, imprison and sell suffering animals for profit. Puppy mills produce over two million puppies each year while millions of homeless dogs needlessly languish and die in shelters across the country. Please join us in taking a stand against the horrifically cruel puppy mill industry!

Dogs bred in puppy mills are forced to live in cramped cages and filth while being deprived of mental stimulation and proper veterinarian care. As a result of these horrific living conditions and the continuous overbreeding of females, puppy mill dogs have a higher rate of congenital and hereditary conditions. They may experience severe behavioral and psychological problems throughout their lives, having been ripped away from their grieving mothers too soon. Families who unknowingly purchase dogs from puppy mills frequently endure heartache and expenses that could have been avoided had they adopted from a local shelter or rescue.

We are mobilizing advocates to help them educate their communities and pressure their legislators, all with the ultimate goal of eradicating puppy mills nationwide. Help save millions of dogs from puppy mill torture and death with these key actions!

  • Hold a Rally 4 Pups outside of a store that sells puppies in your town to spread awareness of puppy mill cruelty. We can provide you with signs and leaflets as well as offer tips on peaceful protesting to get our message across to the public.
  • Meet with your local representatives about adding your town to the growing list of cities and counties across the country that have banned the retail sale of dogs and cats and rabbits. We are happy to share some tips to help you get started!
  • Write a letter to the editor. Letters are a fantastic way to inform the public and to let representatives and decision makers know that this is a very important issue to members of the community.

Email Carla Wilson, our Puppy Mill Campaign Coordinator, to start making a difference for pups and please support us in our ongoing efforts to stop puppy mills.