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Take Part in a Worldwide Day of Action to Stop Fur

Next Fur Free Friday: November 29, 2024

but there's plenty you can do right now to help animals suffering for fur right now!

Fur Free Friday is the most widely attended annual day of action in the history of the animal protection movement. It is always held on 'Black Friday', the day after Thanksgiving, which is traditionally the busiest shopping day of the year. Fur Free Friday has become an institution for animal advocacy. Don't miss your opportunity to join with thousands of activists worldwide for this international event to speak out for the animal victims of the fur trade.


How Do I Celebrate Fur Free Friday?
      • Join us in person at a Fur Free Friday demonstration. Stay tuned for 2024 actions.
      • Sign our alert urging Max Mara to stop selling fur
      • Hand out Official Fur Free Retailer window stickers to encourage fur-free choices and show support for a local fur sales ban. Order yours here.
      • Display eye-catching posters and flyers to expose fur cruelty. Get yours.
      • Sign our latest alerts to end the fur trade for good. Act now.
      • Pass a fur free ordinance in your city! Follow our step-by-step guide. 


Official Fur-Free Retailer Window Sticker

Are you an animal advocate who wants to positively recognize fur-free businesses, encourage compassionate purchases, and build local support to ban the brutal fur trade in your area? Order our Official Fur Free Retailer window stickers now to display at your location or distribute in your community!

Follow these tips to encourage your local retailers to display stickers in their window:

Choose your target stores

  • Not selling fur
  • Independent stores (where possible)
  • That already have at least one sticker in the window (where possible)

When you visit

  • Arrive at a shopping low-period (such as a weekday morning)
  • Ask to speak with the manager
  • Ask if they sell fur (if they do sell fur, ask them if they would consider adopting a fur-free policy)

Briefly mention the reason for your visit and the benefits to the store

  • How California has banned fur sales, and you want to show your local council that fur-free businesses are thriving in your area
  • The sticker will encourage new customers looking to make positive choices
  • The sticker will reinforce customer loyalty by highlighting the positive choice made by existing customers


Fur Kills Posters & Flyers

Whether you're organizing a demonstration, flyering in your area, or raising awareness using your lawn or vehicle, you'll need some eye-catching visuals to get your message across! Click the links below to download a PDF to print locally, or order pre-printed versions via email at

 Download PDF

Download PDF

Download PDF


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