Animals Are the Overlooked Victims of COVID-19

Animals Are the Overlooked Victims of COVID-19

The devastating effects of the novel coronavirus have dominated headlines for months, and while much awareness has been raised about diseases that can spread between us and other animals as a result, far less attention is being paid to the animals who are suffering. Millions of unheard victims of the already monstrously cruel and widely detested food and fur industries are being wiped out because of this pandemic.

In May, a fur farm in Spain shut down after fur farm workers and the imprisoned animals tested positive for COVID-19. A study later revealed that 87% of tested mink were positive for the coronavirus. As a result, the Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Environment of Spain's Aragon region ordered death sentences for nearly 100,000 mink. The mink will likely be killed by gassing; they will be terrified and will panic in their futile attempts to escape the toxic fumes overtaking their tiny lungs.

Tragically, COVID-19 cases have also spread to a total of 25 fur farms in the Netherlands, reportedly resulting in the government-ordered deaths of over one million innocent mink. Although Dutch officials have already ruled to phase out fur farms by 2024, a recent decision to shut down the country’s remaining fur farms has been made in an effort to curtail the coronavirus outbreak. Scientists believe the initial COVID-19 infections passed from two fur farm workers to the mink in April.

The spread of the novel coronavirus shows no signs of slowing down within the world’s fur farms. A report from the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration has confirmed that mink at three fur farms in Denmark have tested positive for COVID-19. 

Collective action is urgently needed to stop the spread and subsequent killing of innocent animals who are confined and exploited by humans. The COVID-19 pandemic, along with SARS, bird flu, swine flu, and Ebola virus outbreaks, resulted from the unnatural and unnecessary interaction between humans and wild animals.  

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