Beverly Hills, California: Protest Fur and Skins at Our Fur Free Friday Event

Beverly Hills, California: Protest Fur and Skins at Our Fur Free Friday Event

Join the 35th Annual Fur-Free Friday protest in Beverly Hills, California, to speak up for the millions of animals who are tortured and killed for fashion every year. We’re part of a coalition of groups joining together to encourage holiday shoppers to make compassionate purchases on Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year.

Animal victims of the fur trade are confined in filthy fur farms and denied everything that makes them thrive in the wild. They are bludgeoned, gassed, internally electrocuted, and may even be skinned alive. Other animals killed for their skins do not fare much better. Join us to change things for the better for animals!

Fortunately, ongoing public opposition to the cruel fur industry is making major progress. Mega-retailers and fashion houses, including Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Macy’s, Bloomingdales, TJ Maxx, Saint Laurent, Alexander MacQueen, Balenciaga, Versace, and many more have all publicly committed to ditch fur. Equally exciting is the fact that Chanel, Victoria Beckham, Vivienne Westwood, Diane von Furstenberg, Calvin Klein, J. Crew and many other designers have committed to ending the use of exotic skins. 

In 2019, California became the first state in the country to ban fur sales statewide. This groundbreaking ban takes effect on January 1, 2023, which means there is still time to urge retailers and shoppers to do the right thing and ditch fur before the new law takes effect. 

Fur Free Friday protest participants will meet at Beverly Gardens Park, located at the NW corner of N. Beverly Dr. and Santa Monica Blvd in Beverly Hills. We will meet in the park at 10:45 am before proceeding to the protest route at 11:00 am. We will walk down the world-famous Rodeo Drive and demonstrate in front of the many shops that still sell fur.

WHAT: 35th Annual Fur-Free Friday Protest
WHERE: Beverly Gardens Park/Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, CA 90210
WHEN: Friday, November 26, 2021
HOW: Gather at Beverly Gardens Park at 10:45 a.m. PT /Protest down Rodeo Drive at 11 a.m. PT
DURATION: 2 hours 15 minutes

This event is co-hosted by Last Chance for Animals, In Defense of Animals, and many more groups and individuals. 

Posters and t-shirts will be provided upon arrival. Please visit the Facebook event page for important parking information and more. 

*COVID-19 Safety Precautions: 

Stay home if you are feeling sick. 

Masks and social distancing are recommended.

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]

In Defense of Animals fully expects and strongly urges all people involved in this campaign to act responsibly and lawfully and to respect the personal interests and privacy rights and concerns of any individuals who may be affected by, or become the subject of, your protests or related efforts.