A New Year Brings New Life-Saving Goals at IDA India

A New Year Brings New Life-Saving Goals at IDA India

Our partner IDA India began operating in two small garages 26 years ago this January and has since grown to help provide lifesaving care to around 2,000 dogs and cats every month across its four centers. Now, we’re going into the new year together looking forward to creating more cost-effective ways to treat even more animals who desperately need our help.

IDA India operates four centers, but the majority of animals helped are cared for at our Deonar Center in Mumbai, which regularly houses 400 dogs and 150 cats, and provides everything from major life-saving surgeries, spaying and neutering through our animal birth control program, and outpatient services.

Two cats are pictured here out of the thousands of cats we help at IDA India every year.

However, our Deonar center doesn’t have its own pathology lab, which means blood analysis and X-rays are done by an outside organization. Even with a non-profit discount, it comes out to be around $1,500 every month.

One of our goals right now is to buy the equipment needed, which will help save time and money, which means we can help many more animals. Currently, animals who need X-rays must be taken to a private veterinary clinic via one of our ambulances, or callers are advised instead to take animals elsewhere. This isn’t ideal and we want to be able to provide care immediately on-site to everyone who needs our assistance with an injured animal.

We would not be able to help the injured animals living on the streets of India without the amazing work of our IDA India veterinary team.

What’s been accomplished so far is thanks largely to the generosity of people like you, and the dedicated team of staff and volunteers who continue to work to spread compassion for animals in the community and ensure they are treated humanely. It’s also thanks to our veterinarians, who we need to ensure have all the tools they need to do the lifesaving work they do.

IDA India’s mission of rescue, healing, and release has saved many thousands of animals and alleviated their suffering over the years and we hope we’ll be able to do even more together to serve vulnerable animals far into the future.

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