Celebrating Our Veterinarians in India On World Veterinary Day

Celebrating Our Veterinarians in India On World Veterinary Day

COVID-19 hit India hard, yet despite the challenges and risks it posed, our veterinarians never hesitate to show up for the vulnerable animals who need them. This World Veterinary Day on April 24, we want to celebrate them to show our appreciation on behalf of all of the animals they’ve been able to help.

We regularly provide care for hundreds of cats and dogs across our four centers, and see all kinds of cases that keep our veterinarians busy, in addition to spay/neuter services and caring for special-needs animals who can’t safely be released.

Not only are we grateful to our in-house veterinarians who make daily rounds providing care for their canine and feline charges, we’re also excited to help even more compassionate people follow the same path. Through our IndieVets program, we offer veterinary students an opportunity to volunteer with us and gain practical experience along the way.

These young IndieVets were busy over the holiday season, and vaccinated and collared 50 street dogs.

We created this program under the guidance of Dr. Sangeeta Vengsarkar Shah, IDA India’s Trustee and Honorable Secretary, who is also an eminent veterinary cardiologist with extensive experience training upcoming veterinarians.

Since 2019, IndieVets have done incredible work to improve the lives of street animals. They’ve treated severe cases in stray dogs, and went even further by rescuing and releasing wounded pigeons, parrots and kites who were dehydrated and had broken wings.

Before the lockdown imposed its unique challenges, they worked at our Deonar Center in Mumbai, bathing dogs with skin infections and gaining insights on first-aid treatment. Despite the lockdown, they still found ways to help animals. Several students also selflessly stepped out to feed stray animals in their neighborhoods. Their social media team created posters and raised awareness about helping animal companions during the pandemic and protecting homeless animals during Cyclone Nisarga, which was the strongest cyclone to hit the state of Maharashtra since the 1980s. They’ve also spread the word about adopting animals and found homes for several who were being fostered.

Providing care and veterinary services to animals in India was already a tremendous undertaking because the need is always so great. Still, we couldn’t be more proud of how all of our current and future veterinarians continue to rise to the challenge in the face of COVID-19, making it that much more difficult.

With your continued support, we’ll always be prepared to help the animals who need us the most. You can help us to continue our lifesaving work by making a donation.

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