Who Could Beat This Gentle Dog?

Who Could Beat This Gentle Dog?

Who Could Beat This Gentle Dog?

Gotu’s story happened in India, but is sadly so familiar that it could easily have happened anywhere in the world. Handsome and friendly young Gotu was brought into In Defense of Animals India’s Turbhe center on March 12. Someone had hit him over the head with a blunt object, and he was bleeding a lot.

He would have died if we had not been able to immediately begin life-saving treatment and to stabilize him. Once he was well enough, our expert senior surgeon Dr. Ghanwat operated on Gotu’s large head-wound, which required multiple stitches. Soon enough, Gotu came around from the anesthetic and was sleepily wagging his tail at his attentive postoperative caregivers, Dr. Jadhav and Dr. Londhe. It is a wonder that despite the violence he has received at the hands of humans, this brave dog has not lost his trust.

Gotu is now fit for release back to his local area where he lives under the careful watch of his community guardian, whose quick thinking saved this dog’s life.

Thanks to the endless compassionate work of IDA India’s team at the Turbhe center, and Gotu’s guardian, who saved the life of lovely, friendly Gotu!

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