We’ve Got a Winner!

by IDA India

  IDA India Wins “Best NGO-Animals” Award 2015 Former IDA India President, Ms. Fizzah Shah, had the honor of receiving the “Best NGO-Animals” Award on behalf of IDA India at UBM India’s “Giving Back 2015 CSR NGO Awards,” a grand affair held December 22 at the elegant Lalit Hotel in Mumbai. UBM India, a world-wide […]


Hi! My Name is Raja…

by Nadia Schilling

  Hi! My name is Raja (which means ‘The King’)! I am a good and happy boy (I just love my food!). You can see me here with my loving human guardians at the IDA-India morning out-patient clinic. They needed to bring me to the clinic because I had a small wound on my paw […]


Hi, my name is Kiara…

by Web Team

  Hi, my name is Kiara. I am 7 years old. I was taken to IDA-India by the humans I thought were family and abandoned there because I am old and sick. Thankfully, the kind people at IDA-India took me in and are taking good care of me. They are now my family. Please help […]

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Victory! A Huge Win for India’s Street Dogs!

by IDA India

  The Supreme Court of India on Wednesday passed a nationwide order to uphold the Prevention to Animals Cruelty Act, marking an end to the indiscriminate and often violent killing of street dogs. When areas such as Kerala proclaimed a war on dogs and called for the killing of large numbers of street dogs, animal […]


Meet Whitey!

by Naina Athale

  Whitey was admitted to our IDA India Center in horrible condition. His head was twisted on his neck in an awkward position and he was not in full control of his limbs. He was diagnosed by our veterinarians with a very bad neurological condition. It took three months for Whitey to fully recover and […]


Meet Lil’ Dumpling

by Naina Athale

Meet Lil’ Dumpling Two-month-old Lil’ Dumpling had obviously been well looked after by his dog mum when he arrived at the IDA India Center. With the ever-present danger of being run over or badly injured on the mean and harried streets of Mumbai, his poor mother couldn’t protect him from it all. He met with […]


Tail of a Tail!

by IDA India

This beautiful male street-living cat from Antop Hill, Mumbai, was brought in for emergency treatment by our IDA India Center’s night ambulance on the night of August 15th of this year.  The cat had a very big maggot infested wound on his tail. His tail bone was painfully and dangerously exposed. Tail amputation was suggested […]


It’s a Miracle That Masti is Alive

by Naina Athale

  It was a stroke of luck that two IDA India management team staffers happened to spot a tiny kitten running for his life across lanes of approaching traffic, with a motorcycle just missing him by inches! They immediately pulled to a stop from the opposite side of the road and bravely jumped out to […]

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Meet Dimdim and Espy

by IDA India

  Late in June, our managing committee member, Priya, received a call about three little abandoned pups in Vikhroli, Mumbai who needed rescue. Priya coordinated with all the animal groups she knew and Navin, a concerned animal lover, reached the initial caller who had taken charge of the pups. He was told a horror story […]