**California Residents** Help Mountain Lions Cross Highway 101

by Lisa Levinson

  **California Residents**Help Mountain Lions Cross Highway 101 Send your public comment by Friday, January 29th! The proposed Liberty Canyon Wildlife Crossing will be the first of its size and scale near an urban area, providing safe passage across one of the busiest highways in the region. A formidable eight-lane highway means that few animals […]

Australia MLA Blog

Australian Ad Promotes Violence Against Vegans

by Nadia Schilling

  Sign Our Alert to Advertising Bureau Which Ruled the Ad: “Humorous”! Every year, Meat and Livestock Australia launches a controversial advertising campaign encouraging people to eat more lamb flesh on Australia Day. Previous ads have taken aim at those who don’t eat slaughtered baby lambs by calling them “soap-avoiding,” “pot-smoking,” and “un-Australian.” This year, […]


Activists Uncover Horrifying Deer Killings in British Columbia

by Ryan Murphy

Take Action to End the Killing Since the beginning of December, 2015 a deer killing plan has been underway in Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada under the not-so-watchful-eye of the City of Cranbrook and the British Columbia Government. Now, new footage has been released by our friends and fellow animal activists at the British Columbia Deer […]

Next Target Blog

Next Target: Olive Garden!

by Nadia Schilling

  Submit our letter below requesting positive change for animals! In a world that is largely controlled by big business interests and laws which are molded to suit them, our advocacy for animals must be strategic and target both. What much of this comes down to is supply and demand theory, especially in the food […]

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Are You Wearing Dog Skin?

by Melissa Flower

  As the dog meat trade persists throughout Asia, the horror stretches far beyond those borders. While the flesh of dogs is consumed in places such as China, South Korea and Vietnam, the skin of these dogs is sent all over the world. That’s right. If you wear leather, you could be wearing the skin […]


End of Orca Captivity in Sight

by Lisa Couper

  Support the ORCA Act The end of orca captivity has suddenly transitioned from a distant hope to an attainable reality, and all thanks to landmark legislation introduced recently. In November, 2015, Rep. Adam Schiff introduced a bill to phase out the captivity of orcas. This bill, the Orca Responsibility and Care Advancement (ORCA) Act, […]


Stop Deer Killing Plan in Ann Arbor, Michigan

by Monique Balban

  The City of Ann Arbor is planning to use the ineffective and cruel method of blasting 100 deer with gunshot in public parks, less than 450 feet from residents’ homes, to fatally control the deer population. The City chose to approve this biased recommendation from its primary “consultant” which is the Washtenaw Citizens for […]