Take Action to STOP the Wild Horse Wipeout!

by Web Team

  The Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) Wild Horse and Burro advisory board has recommended that the BLM kill over 44,000 wild horses currently in holding facilities across the U.S. We cannot let that happen. Please act urgently to ensure the biggest horse slaughter in history does not go ahead. The BLM has mis-managed public […]


Punish Football Player Who Violently Beat Dog on Snapchat

by Doll Stanley

  Another “role model” has shocked the nation with his brutality and failed an upcoming generation in Waco, Texas. A disturbing video recently surfaced on social media showing a Baylor University football player repeatedly whipping his dog with a belt, kicking and stomping on him. His superiors have failed to meet his abhorrent behavior with […]


Consider Joining Animal Advocates Today

by Erica Calderon

We Never Give Up, Thanks to You! We are beyond ecstatic with how many members have signed up for our monthly giving program, Animal Advocates. Thank you! If you have not yet signed up, please consider joining to our impressive team of Animal Advocates who help us every day to protect, rescue and advocate for […]


Animal Advocates Program

by Erica Calderon

Make a Difference in an Animal’s Life Today! Joining our monthly giving program, Animal Advocates,  is the most cost-effective way to donate.  Your reoccurring gift each month will be worth much more than just a dollar amount. Having a consistent stream of funds will help us to better prepare for future campaigns and advocacy efforts […]


Groupon: STOP Supporting Elephant Exploitation!

by Toni Frohoff, PhD.

IDA’s #8 Worst Zoo for Elephants: Monterey Zoo in Salinas, California Tell Groupon to stop supporting this sham of a sanctuary: Monterey Zoo’s Vision Quest Ranch in Salinas, California. Monterey Zoo and its Vision Quest Safari Bed and Breakfast in Salinas, California, is owned by Charlie Sammut, an exotic animal trainer. Although it claims to […]


Say NO to $20 Million Dairy Bailout

by Nadia Schilling

Say NO to $20 Million Dairy Bailout More people than ever are saying YES to healthful, plant-based dairy options, and NO to products that rely on the forced separation of mothers and babies, and brutal, short lives as living milk-machines. Instead of embracing the positive natural shift toward plant-based food, the United States Department of […]


Become an Animal Advocate

by Erica Calderon

  Help Us Protect Animals! Join our team of Animal Advocates today! With just as little as $5/month you can join our team of devoted Animal Advocates; some of our most dedicated and loyal supporters who make a tax-deductable monthly contribution to IDA.  Monthly giving is the best way to ensure that the most of […]


Brutal Cat Killer Deserves Jail!

by Doll Stanley

  Soft Sentencing is a Mockery of Justice On May 16, 2016, In Defense of Animals’ Mississippi based Justice for Animals Campaign learned of the sick and brutal attack on a cat with a plastic pipe. Tilly was sheltered at the Brookhaven Animal Rescue League in Mississippi after her guardian passed away, which is where the […]

community cat killed_blog

Death by Discrimination: Justice for Oliver!

by Lisa Levinson

  Two cat rescue groups, Community Cats Coalition and Alley Cats Allies, advocated vehemently to save a community cat named Oliver, who Worcester County Animal Control assumed prejudicially and without evidence to be infected with rabies. People united in their effort to save Oliver’s life offered to quarantine him to determine if he actually presented […]

Ihop Blog(1)

IHOP – We Want Cruelty-free Pancakes!

by Shura Hammond

  Here’s Your Chance to Request Positive Changes for Animals! What if we told you that you could have all the pancakes you want with none of the animal suffering? Large businesses have been responding to the huge increase in demand for delicious, animal-friendly vegan food and drinks. This is great news for animals, since […]