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Justice for Zimbabwe Journalist Activists

by Lisa Levinson

  Show Your Support for Fellow Activist Reporters The government of Zimbabwe is charging three reporters from the newspaper, The Sunday Mail, with slander for reporting the horrific fatal cyanide poisonings of more than sixty elephants. In their reports, the journalists pointed the finger at a police officer and other officials as the ones responsible […]


Justice For Chai – Dead at #3 Worst Zoo for Elephants

by Toni Frohoff, PhD.

  Oklahoma City Zoo is to blame. On January 30, beloved Asian elephant Chai was found dead, alone and laying outside in the cold elephant yard at Oklahoma City Zoo. The situation surrounding her death is suspicious, and marks the second premature elephant death at the zoo in recent months. News of Chai’s death is […]


World Dog Show to be Held in… China?!

by Melissa Flower

  In a hugely controversial move, the , international dog breed and dog show governing body, Federation Cynologique Internationale, has chosen China to host one of the world’s largest dog shows. As you probably know, China’s other “celebration of dogs” is the infamous Yulin Dog Meat “Festival which centers around the torture and consumption of […]


Another Tragic Dog Shooting in Mississippi

by Sharon Stone

  Imagine that you’re busy across the road from your home, thinking your animals are safe, while one of your beloved animal companions slips out and a person ruthlessly shoots and discards her, miles from her home. This is exactly what happened to one Mississippi resident. Earlier this month, on Saturday, February 6, Jessica Maness, […]


Don’t let Marine Mammals Suffer in Captivity in Washington!

by Will Anderson

Washington State Close to Preventing Cetacean Captivity  On February 2, 2016, the House of Representatives in the state of Washington passed the House version of a bill, House Bill 2888 (SB 65820),  that focuses on ending cetacean captivity in the state. The proposed bill prevents whales and dolphins from being held in captivity for entertainment, […]


The Shocking Cowspiracy Continues

by Web Team

  Sign our letter to the Environmental Protection Agency asking why the meat and dairy industries get a free pass from reporting their greenhouse gas emissions. Each year, the U.S. government collects mandatory emission reports from 41 sectors, making the meat and dairy industry the only major source of greenhouse gases in the country which […]


Campaigners Call on Hershey’s for a Dairy-Free Kiss

by Fleur Dawes

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Contact: Nadia Schilling,, 415-448-0048   Campaigners Call on Hershey’s for a Dairy-Free Kiss This Valentine’s Day   San Rafael, Calif. (February 9, 2016) – International animal protection organization, In Defense of Animals is spearheading a campaign calling on North America’s largest chocolate producer, Hershey’s, to make a dairy-free line of […]


Effectively Advocate for Animals With Regular Contributions!

by Erica Calderon

  Our monthly donors are the backbone of In Defense of Animals. We rely on a constant and reliable stream of funds from our Animal Advocates program participants in order to rescue and protect animals all over the world who so desperately need our assistance. Here at In Defense of Animals, we have an amazing […]


$2500 Reward Offered to Find Shotgun Dog Killer

by Doll Stanley

  Last week, we announced our reward offer to the media in response to a horrific tragedy. Ginger was a beloved family dog who lived with the Robertson family in Oktibbeha County, Mississippi. Just recently, Ginger was making her rounds to visit the neighbors when someone shot her – first in the face, and then […]

Hershey Blog

Pucker up Hershey’s!

by Nadia Schilling

  We want a dairy free kiss! #ValentinesDay The Hershey Company is the largest chocolate manufacturer in North America, and has a huge presence worldwide. Despite its size, Hershey’s doesn’t currently offer any cruelty-free chocolate. With Valentine’s Day coming up, it’s time to tell Hershey’s – we want a dairy-free kiss! Earlier this week, Ben […]