Billions of Animals EXCLUDED from Animal Welfare Act!

by Ingrid Taylor

  Billions of Animals EXCLUDED from Animal Welfare Act! Over nine billion farmed animals (with this number not even including farmed aquatic animals) are killed for consumption in the United States every year, yet shockingly, they are completely excluded from the Animal Welfare Act. It is shameful that there is not a single law in […]

GooseWatchNYC Blog

Canada Geese Massacred in NYC

by Jessica Beaudry

End the Yearly Roundup and Killing of NYC Canada Geese Every summer, Canada geese in New York City are savagely and unnecessarily killed by USDA Wildlife Services. Adult geese and their terrified goslings continue to be rounded up, roughly handled while shoved into turkey crates, and forced to endure stifling hot car or truck rides […]


Teens Intentionally Run Over Geese!

by Rita Anderson

On January 12, 2012 it was reported that three teenagers in Boulder County, Colorado sadistically herded four geese into the street so they could deliberately run over them with their SUV. Three of the geese died at the scene, with the fourth succumbing to death a few days later at Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. Victor […]

IDA Fighting USDA Extermination Of Canada Geese Across the Country

by Webmaster

Across the United States, Canada Geese are being exterminated, in horribly cruel ways.  IDA is asking: why? Besides the inhumanity of the slaughter, past experience proves that the killings will not have the desired effect. Brooklyn, New York residents learned this past Monday that 400 Canada Geese from Prospect Park were killed by gassing, and […]