Donate Your Car to IDA – It’s Hassle-Free

Donating your vehicle to In Defense of Animals is a quick and easy way to help us in our efforts to bring an end to cruelty and improve the lives of animals around the world. With one simple phone call, you will free up space in your garage, receive a tax deduction for your efforts, and come away knowing you contributed to the success of our ongoing campaigns.

Animals Win – So Do You

People often choose to donate a vehicle for the benefit of receiving a tax deduction, and if you plan to itemize deductions, this certainly is an added benefit. Or, you may decide to donate a vehicle for the ease and convenience of the process. Either way, the animals will reap the benefits of your generosity, greatly contributing to our work on behalf of elephants, whales, dolphins, wild horses, cows, pigs, fish, cats, dogs and all animals.

Here’s how it works:

Insurance Auto Auctions, our car donation partner, will take care of all the details from beginning to end, from picking up your vehicle to furnishing you all necessary paperwork. Once your vehicle is sold, Insurance Auto Auctions will send you a tax deduction form and send a check for the sale amount of the vehicle to In Defense of Animals. We will send a prompt acknowledgement of your gift, confirming your donation amount-with our gratitude.

Note: You may review the guidelines for tax deductions on the Internal Revenue Service website or with your tax preparer. The net proceeds from the sale of your donation may differ from the private party value of your vehicle.

Ready to donate? Call Insurance Auto Auctions at 800-237-5714 to arrange pick-up of your vehicle, or visit