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Become an Ally of Respect for Fish Day

You can support Respect for Fish Day by signing your organization up as an “ally” of the campaign. Once your organization becomes an ally, it will be listed on this page.

A primary goal of Respect for Fish Day is to develop a broad coalition devoted to protecting fish and to show the public that compassion for fish is a mainstream notion. Becoming an ally is the best way that you can help to make this goal a reality. You don’t need to be an animal advocacy group to sign on. Environmental groups, religious institutions, academic societies, companies etc., are also welcome.

As an ally, your organization will be free to choose the level of its participation. You can offer Respect for Fish Day brochures at physical facilities you have, post about the event on social media or organize an event. You can also choose to sign up as an ally and leave it at that. We understand that your organization may be pressed for time and resources and appreciate whatever you can do to support Respect for Fish Day.

To sign your organization up as an ally please send an email to with this subject line: Add ORGANIZATION NAME As Ally. Thank you!

Learn about the many ways you can get involved here.



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