Wins for Summer 2021

Wins for Summer 2021

From wildfires and drought in California, the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti, the hurricane in Louisiana, and the tenacity of the Covid-19 pandemic, 2021 is turning out to be every bit as challenging a year as 2020! 

We are pleased to report these victories to you with extreme humbleness and gratitude, for truly, it is you, our supporters, who make all of this possible.


Disney Cancels Development of Live-Action Rodeo Film

Your response was overwhelming when we asked you to join us in calling on Disney to cancel production of a live-action film based on the book Aloha Rodeo, and we are thrilled to announce that Disney has confirmed to us that this project has been canceled.


Biden Admin to Restore Endangered Species Protections

The Biden administration has heard your collective voice when you urged them to create a new era of animal protection! The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and National Marine Fisheries Service has announced that they will work to restore five endangered species protections that had been weakened under the Trump administration.


16 Innocent Dogs Rescued and Illegal Dog Meat Farm Permanently Shut Down

Thanks to your support, an illegal dog meat farm has been permanently shut down! All of the dogs are now safe, and we are pleased to report 7 healthy, happy, adoptable, puppies have been born. 


Canada Goose Goes Fur-Free!

After years of campaigning by animal organizations like us and animal activists like you — including almost 20,000 alert signatures from supporters like you over the last few years — Canada Goose has finally taken a huge leap forward by pledging to ban all fur! 


44 Rescued Dogs Given New Lease on Life

When nearly 50 dogs needed help, we worked with Animal Rescue Corps to give these dogs a new lease on life. Many had been living outdoors and had health issues, but they all got the veterinary care they desperately need, and Animal Rescue Corps is working to place them with shelters and rescues for adoption.


Southbridge Geese Spared from Summer Roundup

Thanks in large part to your letters and phone calls, the Southbridge HOA board has decided to spare Canada geese and goslings from mobile gas chambers this summer.


This summer has brought us victories that rival some of the greatest in the history of In Defense of Animals. We are ever grateful for the generous support that has allowed us to deliver such excellent news to you, our supporters, to lighten your hearts and soften the challenges we have all faced.

It is only with your compassion and generosity that we are able to speak up, and take action on your behalf in defense of animals. Please consider continuing your support by making a donation to aid us in our efforts to protect all animals, wild and captive.