Sweet Seniors Steal the Spotlight in India

Sweet Seniors Steal the Spotlight in India

Bella and Pandya are among the oldest resident dogs at our partner IDA India’s Deonar Center in Mumbai, but despite their ages, they still get up to antics and have won special places in the hearts of our staff and volunteers.  

Bella was rescued eight years ago from a crowded location in Mumbai called Sakinaka after a kind person noticed she had a maggot wound and sent her to our Deonar Center on our night van. She was found to be partially blind, and cataracts had started to develop in both eyes.

She was the first dog we provided cataract surgery for. The operation was a success and she spent time with a paid foster who helped her recover. We decided to operate on one eye, and today she can still partially see. She loves to stroll about the center and loves getting scratches and being talked to. During the heat of the day, she likes to find a comfortable spot to rest, which is usually in the office.

One day she did manage to slip out of the gate, which sent everyone into a panic. Thankfully one of our assistants found her hiding under a shady bush at a nearby housing community. She’s now also a little hard of hearing, but she’s still very independent and we keep an extra eye on her and make sure she is perfectly safe at all times.

Pandya is another long-term resident, and at about 7 years old he’s one of the oldest dogs at the center. Like Bella, he appreciates his freedom. His favorite resting place during the day is the cool earth at the base of a tall coconut tree. Otherwise, he will relax on any chair he finds empty and close to all his human friends. Pandya was brought in by the government some years ago from the Kalina University Campus area for neutering. However, our vets discovered he was going blind so he stayed with us.

Even though he’s completely blind, he knows his turf and he’s always been a real favorite with the staff.

Our senior and special-needs animals all hold a special place in all our hearts, and we’re grateful to be able to provide a safe space for them to live out their days and get the care they need.

Our Deonar Center is the permanent home to 78 dogs, including 18 blind dogs, who have their own ward and garden.

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