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Join Our Social Media Leaders' Group for Fish!

In Defense of Animals invites you to join our newly formed social media leaders' group in the battle against cruelty to fish.

Fish are the planet's single most abused group of animal species, but their plight receives the least attention. In Defense of Animals hopes to change this through various campaigns aimed at combating cruelty to fish in the food industry, the pet trade and for sport.

After you sign up to the social media leaders group, you will periodically receive alerts asking for you to take simple and quick actions to support IDA's campaigns against fish abuse. For instance, we may ask you to send out a tweet or comment on a target's Facebook page. Such actions can be very impactful, especially in large numbers, and can bring about tangible changes that help our finned friends.

The social media leaders' group is part of a broader initiative by In Defense of Animals to raise awareness about the fact that fish are sentient, the various ways they are mistreated, and the lack of legislation protecting them.

Please sign up to the social media leaders' group by filling out the form.

We look forward to working with you!

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