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Our religion-specific advocacy kits show how most traditions mandate harmlessness to animals. Please download and share the kits below, which contain ideas for rituals and community gatherings, quotes, stories, videos, books, articles, songs, and more. Try the activities suggested in these kits to align the scriptural and heart-centered values of love and compassion with worship practices, holiday rituals, prayers, and community activities.

Buddhist Advocacy Kit

Catholic Advocacy Kit

Christian Advocacy Kit

Gaudia Vaishnava Hindu Advocacy Kit

Hindu: Advaita Vedantin Advocacy Kit

Islam Advocacy Kit

Jain Advocacy Kit

Jewish Advocacy Kit


Pagan Advocacy Kit

Quaker Advocacy Kit

Sikh Advocacy Kit

Unitarian Universalist Advocacy Kit

Unity Advocacy Kit

Zoroastrian Advocacy Kit

General Resources for All Faiths

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The advocacy kits above were written by the following religious experts: (Buddhism) Marion Achoulias and Bob Isaacson, (Catholic) Whitney Blomquist and a few others, (Christian) Steve Kaufman, (Hindu Advaita) Sailesh Rao and Arun Sharma, (Hindu Hare Krishna) Cogen and Hope Bohanec, (Jain) Jina Shaw, (Judaism) Richard Schwartz, (Quaker) Gracia Fay Ellwood, (Sikh) Jesse Karabanda, (Unity) Dianne Waltner and Judy Carman, (Zoroastrian) Purviz Birdie.

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