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Advocacy Kits

Our faith-based vegan advocacy kits provide resources for you to veganize your place of worship. If you don’t see a kit that represents your tradition, please help us assemble one by contacting us at

List of Vegan Churches and Pastors

We compiled a list of vegan churches and pastors in cooperation with Share our list and add more contacts to it by contacting us at

Golden Rule Day

Golden Rule Day is a free 24-hour global virtual celebration of the Golden Rule, a universal principle encouraging everyone to treat others how they want to be treated, which is shared by most cultural, spiritual, religious, and secular traditions on Earth. Thanks to our Interfaith Vegan Coalition’s efforts, International Golden Rule Day now includes caring for animals as a main theme! 

Watch the live broadcast on April 5th, when vegans and animal advocates from around the world will share why the Golden Rule includes animals. From April 4 at 8 PM to April 5 at 8 PM Pacific Time, you can access the webcast on the Golden Rule Day website or Facebook page.

Our Interfaith Vegan Coalition shared this video panel with key coalition members explaining how veganism exemplifies the Golden Rule in action for all life. Coalition members also submitted faith-based animal advocacy videos to promote vegan living as an accessible way to practice caring for animals.

Parliament of World Religions 

Our Interfaith Vegan Coalition changed hearts and minds at the 2018 Parliament of World Religions, where we cosponsored the first-ever vegan banquet hosted by the Charter for Compassion. Parliament-goers picked up our vegan advocacy kits to share with their religious communities, perused a religion and animals museum exhibit, and watched a video on veganism and spirituality. We had inspiring conversations about veganism and compassion for all beings at our booth, visited by 8,000 Parliament patrons. Watch this video about our Parliament experience!

We’re collaborating with the Charter for Compassion to serve vegan meals at future banquets and with the Parliament's trustees to ensure the next Parliament of World Religions is a fully vegan event. 

Vegan Spirituality Forum & Retreat 2020

We're planning a Vegan Spirituality Forum & Retreat with live streaming options for September of 2020 at Unity Village in Kansas. Stay tuned for details about this event featuring well-known vegan spiritual leaders, such as Dr. Will Tuttle and Victoria Moran, and new voices in our community. The event will include a screening of Thomas Jackson’s documentary, The Compassion Project.

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