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We offer a monthly newsletter to connect and communicate with our coalition members. Please sign-up here to receive a copy by email. 

Monthly and Quarterly Meetings

Individual coalition members can join our planning meetings on the second Monday of each month from 4 to 5 pm Pacific Time. Click this link to join our next meeting. Representatives from coalition member organizations will receive invitations and reminders to join our quarterly meetings to launch coalition-based campaigns and initiatives.


Help us spread the word about our coalition in your faith community! You can download the following brochures or contact us to receive them by mail: Interfaith Vegan Coalition, 10 Steps to Bring Vegan Values to Your Place of Worship, From Vegetarian to Vegan, Vegan Spirituality

Advocacy Kits

Our faith-based vegan advocacy kits provide resources for you to veganize your place of worship. If you don’t see a kit that represents your tradition, contact us to assemble one.

List of Vegan Churches and Pastors

We compiled a list of vegan churches and pastors in cooperation with Please share our list and contact us to add more vegan churches and pastors.

Sermon/Spiritual Presentation Contest

We’re excited to launch our first Sermon/Spiritual Presentation Contest on the topic of compassion for all beings starting June 15, 2021. Religious, spiritual, and lay applicants have a full year to write and deliver their presentations live and/or online before a religious, spiritual, or community group. Seasoned leaders and new voices from diverse backgrounds and wisdom traditions are welcome to apply. We encourage submissions in two categories: how your faith/practice supports a vegan lifestyle and how your faith/practice embraces compassion for all animals. Winners in both categories will receive an award and a cash prize of $500. Please review the contest guidelines to enter.

Homo Ahimsa Award

On February 21, 2021 we bestowed the first annual Homo Ahimsa Award to Climate Healers founder/executive director Dr. Sailesh Rao and his granddaughter Vegan World 2026 founder Kimaya Rainy Rao for embodying the Homo Ahimsa qualities of nonviolence and compassion for all beings. Homo Ahimsa Award recipients show others how vegan living can co-create a world of peace, partnership, and lovingkindness by ending violence and domination to people, animals, and the earth. Watch the replay of our award ceremony!

A Prayer for Compassion Film

Our Interfaith Vegan Coalition encourages everyone to watch the profound film by Thomas Jackson, A Prayer for Compassion, to encourage people of faith to embrace veganism. The film chronicles the formation of our coalition, along with interviews from worldwide spiritual leaders who share why all religions support compassion for animals. 

As a follow-up to watching the film, we're helping filmgoers start Compassionate Living Circles (CLC) to promote veganism at their places of worship. Please complete this form to start a CLC. Contact us to receive vegan resources for your community of faith, including our new Veg Starter Guide


Vegan Spirituality Forum & Retreat: October 1 - 3, 2021

We're hosting a Vegan Spirituality Forum & Retreat with live streaming options on October 1 - 3, 2021 at Unity Village in Kansas. Discover more and register here. We're excited to feature the following well-known vegan spiritual leaders: Dr. Will Tuttle, Victoria Moran, Dr. Milton Mills, and Dr. Lisa Kemmerer. Workshops include new voices in our community. Retreat-goers will enjoy a screening of Thomas Jackson’s documentary, A Prayer for Compassion, and a viewing of our traveling exhibition, Religion and Animals, curated by Dr. Lisa Kemmerer. 

Virtual Parliament of World Religions: October 17-18, 2021 

Our Interfaith Vegan Coalition plans to introduce new vegan programs for the next Parliament! We changed hearts and minds at the 2018 Parliament of World Religions, where we co-sponsored the first-ever vegan banquet hosted by the Charter for Compassion. Parliament-goers picked up our vegan advocacy kits to share with their religious communities, perused a religion and animals museum exhibit, and watched a video on veganism and spirituality. We had inspiring conversations about veganism and compassion for all beings at our booth, visited by 8,000 Parliament patrons. Watch this video about our Parliament experience! Register here for the virtual Parliament this October 17 - 18.


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