Activist Appreciation Month 2017

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Thank You for Celebrating Activist Appreciation Month!

February is Activist Appreciation Month at In Defense of Animals! It was our pleasure to honor your efforts to help animals with special events, activist self-care tips, featured activist stories, an activist award and an activist organizer. In case you missed these offerings, you can read them below.

We will continue to provide free monthly webinars, online support groups, and counseling all year long. What else do you need to support your activism? Tell us at [email protected].

Links to Activist Feature Stories

Annie Blumenfeld
Doll Stanley
Judy Carman 
Eric Phelps
Stephanie Gray

Animal Activist Organizer created by fellow activist Stephanie Gray

Enjoy a free, downloadable version of Stephanie’s Animal Activist Organizer here.

To type directly into your organizer, use this Word version.

For a print version, please contact Stephanie at [email protected]

IDA Staff Self-Care Tips

Enjoy this summary of our self-care tips from our staff for Activist Appreciation Month, including new bonus tips! Click on the links below to read each tip. Looking for more? Call, text, or email us at (800) 705-0425, [email protected].

Sharon Stone, Operations Manager-Hope Animal Sanctuary

Nadia Schilling, Farmed Animals Campaign Director

Fleur Dawes, Communications Director

Ms. Vivienne Choudhury, President and Trustee, IDA India

Kiana Kang, Ditch Dog Meat Campaign Director

Debbie J. Clark, Operations Director, Hope Animal Sanctuary

Toni Frohoff, Ph.D., Elephant & Cetacean Scientist

Elliot M. Katz, DVM, Founder and President Emeritus, Coordinator, Animal Guardian Initiative

New Bonus Self-Care Tips

Believe it or not, animal work itself is a stress buster for me as my personal life is very stressful. I do get depressed sometimes when I work on cruelty cases here, but overall animal work is where my heart is. It is very satisfying and makes my life worth living. For me, it is not work as in a traditional “job.” I consider it my moral duty. Doing what feels right is good for the heart and the soul. There is fatigue, but never stress.

Ms. Sarita Raturi
Overseas Trustee, IDA India




For me, animal welfare is 24 x 7. I am available for coordinating rescues, adoptions and foster care all the time. Yes, there are stressful days when I end up crying to myself. Allowing myself the space to cry and grieve is relieving since it helps me relax and regain inner strength. Being with the animals I love really helps. I enjoy having their wet noses, wagging tails and paws all over me. When our efforts to help them work, I feel energized and full of gratitude. My rescue cat Timtim is also a great stress-buster for me!

Priya Grover
Trustee and Volunteer, IDA India

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