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Advocating for animals can be immensely rewarding, but it can also be challenging. Constantly defending the vulnerable and oppressed against the forces of thousands of years of culture and commerce can put animal activists at odds with their families, communities, and society.

In Defense of Animals President Marilyn Kroplick, MD, started the Sustainable Activism campaign to help all animal advocates deal with burnout, stress, and trauma. As animal guardians and caretakers, we could all do with more physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual healing to live happy and healthy lives as we help animals.


Healing & Support for Animal Activists

In Defense of Animals helps animal advocates:

  • Avoid burnout and trauma, or heal from it
  • Balance activism with other life demands
  • Work effectively and efficiently
  • Create successful and fulfilling advocacy

Helping Animal Activists

Trauma Stewardship

Our resources help activists identify the causes and early signs of burnout, acknowledge their own rage and grief, and channel these feelings into effective, nonviolent activism. Activists learn to embrace their inner critic while practicing gratitude and celebrating small victories along the path of animal liberation.

Nonviolent Communication

Workshops on nonviolent communication skills as effective techniques for activism. By practicing nonviolent communication, we demonstrate the very nonviolent behavior toward people that we are asking everyone to extend to animals.

Sacred Activism

Retreats, tools, and resources for taking time to care for the self through meditation, yoga, and community events. Time spent reflecting, contemplating strategies, and weaving sacred ritual into activism, all empower activists and nurture resilience. Find out more about Vegan Spirituality.


Your Resources for Sustainable Activism

Call, text, or email our Animal Activist Support Line for free and confidential support:



In Defense of Animals offers an array of tools and training to help animal advocates succeed and thrive:

Self-Care Tools:

Online Support Group

Facebook Support Group





Learn About Compassion Fatigue


Spiritual Resources:

Vegan Spirituality Online Gatherings

Interfaith Vegan Coalition


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