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Whether you prefer to attend online, on the phone, or in-person, we offer a range of events to suit all animal advocates. Be sure to scroll down for upcoming retreats!


Join our special events in February for Activist Appreciation Month


Sustainable Activism Webinars

1st Thursday of the Month, 5-6pm Pacific Time

Learn activist tips and tools to practice self-care, community care, and maintain sustainable activism with experts in the field.

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Speaker: Financial Advisor Adam H. Kol 

Topic: Improve Your Finances to Enhance Your Activism


Vegan Spirituality Online Gatherings

2nd Thursday of the Month, 5-6pm Pacific Time

Explore veganism as a spiritual practice with co-hosts Sustainable Activism Campaign Director Lisa Levinson and “Peace to All Beings” author Judy Carman with guest speakers, group discussions, and guided meditations.

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Speaker: Intuitive Jess Ang

Topic: Does Veganism Increase Our Intuition?


Carnivores Anonymous Online Meeting 

3rd Thursday of the Month, 5-6pm Pacific Time

Join our online meeting to explore Carnivores Anonymous, our free, psychiatrist-developed 12-step program supporting and providing strategies to help you maintain optimum health, lose weight, reverse chronic illness and tackle food addiction while adopting a plant-based lifestyle.

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Animal Activist Online Support Group

4th Thursday of the Month, 5-6pm Pacific Time

Discuss burnout, self-care, compassion fatigue, infighting, anger, grief, depression, communicating with non-activists, and other activist concerns. Participate in this free, confidential support group by phone, smart phone, or computer.

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Activist Appreciation Month


We celebrate Activist Appreciation Month in February with special programs to provide extra emotional and spiritual resources for you! Check-out our incredible line-up of webinars, self-care tips, collaborative actions, and even an activist love poem here.


Join free, monthly gatherings to explore veganism as a spiritual practice through discussions, speaker presentations, guided meditations, outings, vegan potlucks, and more.

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Enjoy speakers, yoga, meditation, a nature walk, vegan lunch, and an animal blessing with like-minded souls!

Ready to reboot? Join our Vegan Spirituality Retreat: The Hawaiian Dream! Explore veganism as a spiritual practice with yoga, meditation, cooking, dancing, hiking, healing rituals, and touring sacred sites, on the gorgeous Hawaii Island and Maui. Join us to release stress, restore balance, and align your body, mind, and spirit. Hawaiian sunsets, volcanic views, and clear waters await you! This retreat was rescheduled. New dates in 2019 will be announced soon!


Celebrate your values of justice, equity, and compassion at Compassionfest with delicious vegan food, cruelty-free products, inspiring speakers, performers, and musicians. sponsored by In Defense of Animals. 

Learn about the next Compassionfest here.

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