Compassion Fatigue Resources for Animal Activists

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Compassion Fatigue Resources for Animal Activists

We've compiled a few specific resources to help you heal from compassion fatigue, which is a popular topic on our Animal Activist Support Line. Below you will find articles, webinars, podcasts, video tips, and online trainings to prevent and heal from compassion fatigue.

“Compassion Fatigue is emotional exhaustion, caused by the stress of caring for traumatized or suffering animals or people,” Charles Figely, Ph.D., Director, Florida State University Traumatology Institute,

Read our blog on Compassion Fatigue for animal activists:

Other articles on Compassion Fatigue:

Watch our webinars with useful tools to combat Compassion Fatigue:

Listen to the Compassion Fatigue Podcast by Compassion Fatigue Therapist Jennifer Blough, LPC:

Watch our two-minute activist video tips:

Our activist training on the Emotional Freedom Technique with Animal Communicator Joan Ranquet can relieve Compassion Fatigue symptoms:


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