February is Activist Appreciation Month!

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Celebrate Animal Rescue for Activist Appreciation Month 2024 

At In Defense of Animals, we celebrate Activist Appreciation Month each February. We honored your animal rescue efforts this year with virtual events, blogs, self-care reels, activist spotlights and tributes, and an animal rescue highlights video

We also hosted the following virtual events: World Peace Meditation with our Campaigns Director Lisa Levinson, Mindful Moments with vegan therapist Paul White, Censored Landscapes with activist photographer Isabella La Rocca González, and an interview with Tracy Murphy of Asha’s Farm Sanctuary. Watch the replays!

Virtual Events

Feb. 1, 9 a.m. PT: World Peace Meditation for Interfaith Harmony Week

Our Interfaith Vegan Coalition offered a guided meditation for people and animals suffering around the world from wars, famine, exploitation, and oppression during World Interfaith Harmony Week. Watch the replay below!


Feb. 8, 2 p.m. PT: Mindful Moments with Vegan Therapist Paul White, PhD, LMFT

"Mindful Moments: A Journey of Grounding and Presence," explored the power of mindfulness and grounding exercises to cultivate a state of calm, centeredness, and heightened awareness. Watch the replay below!


Feb. 15, 2 p.m. PT: Censored Landscapes with activist artist Isabella La Rocca González

Isabella discussed the role of rescued farmed animals in her long-term photographic project Censored Landscapes regarding the hidden reality of farming animals, due to be published as a book this year. Watch the replay below!


Feb. 22, 5 p.m. PT: Animal Activist Online Support Group

Our Campaigns Director Lisa Levinson and Vegan Therapist Jill Lauri facilitate this monthly support group for animal activists. Register here to join this ongoing conversation!

Feb. 29, 2 p.m. PT: Tracy Murphy Arrested for Rescuing Escaped Cows

Meet Tracy Murphy, the founder of Asha’s Farm Sanctuary, who was arrested for providing care to cows who wandered into her sanctuary. Please watch the replay below and sign our alert to drop the charges against Tracy.


Hot Tips

Hot Tips with Vegan Therapist Paul White

Grounding Exercises

Mindful Breathing

RAIN for Inner Peace

Active Listening

Download Dr. Paul White's Vegan Activist Mental Health Guide

Activist Spotlights

Vladyslav and Iryna Matviichuk, WeCare veterinarians, Ukraine

Saeed Al-Err, Sulala Society for Animal Care Founder, Gaza

Yael Gabay, Freedom for Animals Founder, Israel

Activist Tributes

Streven Wise, Nonhuman Rights Project Founder

Alan Dale, Vegan Buddhist Founder

Flaco, the escaped zoo owl

Rescue Stories

Watch this inspiring rescue of heritage horses called brumbies in New South Wales, Australia.


Watch this heartwarming rescue of 500 Muscovy Ducks in Louisiana, USA.



We awarded a mini-grant to an animal rescue group in Africa: Animal Rescue Samaritans Uganda.


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