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Vegan Spirituality Retreat

The Hawaiian Dream

Ready to reboot? Explore veganism as a spiritual practice with yoga, meditation, cooking, dancing, hiking, healing rituals, and touring sacred sites, on the gorgeous Hawaii Island and Maui. This December, spend the weekend, a week, or longer with us to release stress, restore balance, and align your body, mind, and spirit. Hawaiian sunsets, volcanic views, and clear waters await you!

Hosted by In Defense of Animals, Vegan Aloha, Ellora Wellness

Workshops with Alessandra Rupar-Weber, Vanessa Marsot, Antoinette Sharfin, Lisa Levinson

When: Friday, November 30 through Sunday, December 9 (weekend, week, and 10-day options)

Where: Hale Mahina or “House of the Moon” (See venue below)

Cost: Stay tuned for details. Vegan meals, tours, and overnight accommodations included!

Enrollment is limited. Reserve your spot by October 1. Pre-register now to be notified when registration begins!



Hale Mahina (House of the Moon) is a beautiful, private sanctuary located in famous “Coffee Country” just outside the quaint, peaceful village of Kailua Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii. This 6-bedroom/6-bathroom home, along with 2 mini cottages, is nestled on 1.5 secluded acres surrounded by nature, birds, wild roosters, hens, pheasants, hawks, and the occasional wild pig. Feast your eyes on the tropical, exotic landscape and views of the Pacific Ocean. Higher altitude and dark skies make for gorgeous sunsets and amazing stargazing. The wonderfully cool, comfortable tropical weather is perfect for ultimate relaxation.


Program Highlights 

Detailed Program TBA

Hula Dance Class

Ho'oponopono, the Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness.

Vegan Cooking Classes

Visits: Volcano, Place of Refuge, Vegan Organic Farm or Coffee Farm, and an animal sanctuary


Water Play: Swimming and snorkeling

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massages 

Organic Fruit Facials

Art with Antoinette

Self-Love Workshop with Vanessa

Healing Ritual with Lisa 

Gong Bath

Royal Omani Frankincense Ritual

Evening dance party


Activist Healing Ritual

We can acknowledge the suffering of others and offer support without taking on their suffering. As we heal, we build resilience and embrace community care. Join us for a healing ritual with music and activities that unite as a community. The ritual will include music, art, movement, and expression of our compassion for all living beings.

Cultivate Self-Love

Move self-love from an abstraction to a concrete practice that will hone in on your internal resources to strengthen resilience to illness, and equip yourself for radiant health in this workshop on holistic health and natural healing remedies. We will cover health from psychological, spiritual, and physical aspects, and incorporate health habits and healing remedies for any illnesses that do occur. 


Workshop Leaders

Alessandra Rupar-Weber grew up in Vienna, Austria, taught Pranic Healing in Miami, Florida, edited books for the Kriya Yoga Mother Center in Europe, administered a humanitarian aid organization in India, and now resides on Hawaii Island, where she opened a boutique, co-owned a 15-acre coffee and avocado farm, and co-founded the annual Avocado and Mango Festivals. Since her “vegan epiphany” in 2012, Alessandra has channeled her energy toward creating events, cooking classes, movie screenings, workshops, and retreats to cultivate spiritual veganism in her community and beyond.




Vanessa Marsot is an actress, model, yoga instructor, personal trainer, and licensed psychotherapist whose mission is to stop animal suffering. Vanessa founded Ellora Wellness, a vegan organic wellness center and one-stop-shop of creative, cruelty-free living in the Los Angeles area. Vanessa's goal is to change methods of consumption by changing methods of production, through vegan, organic, ecological, nontoxic, and sustainable foods, products, and services.



Antoinette Sharfin is a passionate vegan who loves to plant seeds of awareness via creating delicious food. She is the owner of 2 (soon to be 3) vegan eateries on the Big Island of Hawaii. In addition to her foodie adventures she hosts people from around the world at her home vacation sanctuary. Antoinette enjoys practicing yoga on the beach, reading, listing to ambient music, and working out at the gym with her husband and daughter.



Lisa Levinson directs In Defense of Animals’ Sustainable Activism Campaign, offering emotional and spiritual support for animal activists via a helpline, support groups, and online events. Lisa organizes Vegan Spirituality groups and retreats to explore veganism as a spiritual practice. She co-organizes the Interfaith Vegan Coalition to help places of worship go vegan. She co-founded Public Eye: Artists for Animals to teach compassion for animals through the arts and founded the Toad Detour to help migrating toads safely cross the road in Philadelphia.

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