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Vegan Spirituality Forum & Retreat

2021 Vision: A World that Works for All

October 1 - 3, 2021 at Unity Village

Enjoy three days of inspiration, learning, renewal and collaboration as we co-create a world that works for all beings on the planet. Experience the sacredness of the Unity Village grounds, home of the Unity movement where co-founders Charles and Myrtle Fillmore pioneered and advocated for ethical vegetarianism in the early 1900’s. Participate in the awakening of consciousness in the heart of our nation.

Maybe you’ve been to veg or animal rights events and no one gets the spiritual connection. Or you’ve experienced your spiritual/religious gatherings and no one gets the “Compassion for All” connection. This event is for you. It is a unique opportunity to connect and collaborate with spiritually minded people who understand the connection between Compassion and how we treat all beings, the need to create a world free of exploitation, and the desire to launch this important conversation into the world. Together we will create something miraculous because Spirit is leading.

  • Spiritually centered vegan speakers and leaders
  • Inspirational talks on the connection between our relationship with animals and spiritual living, human social justice issues, world peace, sustainability and feminism
  • Workshops and dialogue on how to effectively bring the message of Universal Love and Kindness to your communities and rely on Infinite Supply to support your advocacy and/or ministry work
  • Connection/collaboration with others who believe that Unity includes everyone, not just our own species
  • Animals and World Religions traveling exhibit guided by curator Dr. Lisa Kemmerer
  • Viewing and discussion of A Prayer for Compassion, a feature length documentary that inspires and encourages spiritually-minded people to expand their circle of compassion to embrace all life
  • Yoga, meditation, labyrinth, walking trails for renewal, restoration and self-care
  • Rituals and Sunday service to heal planetary consciousness, awaken humanity and honor our animal brothers and sisters

This retreat is co-hosted by The Spiritual Forum and In Defense of Animals. For the full program, speaker bios, and to register, please visit our retreat website


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