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Activist Appreciation Month 2020

Thanks for celebrating Activist Appreciation Month with us this February! You can still access our activist spotlights, vegan therapist blogs, activist appreciation Facebook frame and Valentine's graphic, activist author interviews, and conversation with vegan health coaches to share with fellow activists right here on this page. Scroll down to click the links!


Activist Spotlights

Our Activist Spotlight shines on EnCompass Founder Aryenish Birdie for diversifying our animal rights movement.

Our Activist Spotlight shines on professor and author David Nibert for fighting oppression of nonhuman animals and global injustice.

Our Activist Spotlight shines on Mainstream Vegan Founder Stephanie Redcross-West for helping to build a vegan economy. 

Our Activist Spotlight shines on In Defense of Animals supporter Colleen Cameron for rescuing animals on the front lines. 


Vegan Therapist Blogs

Read about "veganphobia" and vegan discrimination in this vegan therapist blog by Shiri Raz.

Receive key strategies for living kindly in an often cruel world in this vegan therapist blog by Dr. Kimberly Spanjol. 

Discover how to expand your circle of compassion to include all animals in this vegan therapist blog by Tamar Vogel. 

Explore why veganism is the new model of masculinity in this vegan therapist blog by Shiri Raz. 


Fun Facebook Graphics to Share

Try our Activist Appreciation Facebook profile picture frame and share our Valentine's Graphic!


Activist Author Interviews

Keep Your Body in Balance with Neal Barnard, MD 

Our first activist author interview features Dr. Neal Barnard, who describes how food choices can influence a surprising range of hormone-related conditions, from infertility to menstrual cramps to breast and prostate cancer. He explains how healthy vegan foods can rebalance your hormones in his new book, Your Body in Balance: The New Science of Food, Hormones, and HealthWatch the replay!


Getting Relationships Right with Dr. Melanie Joy 

Our second activist author interview features psychologist Dr. Melanie Joy who believes that relating healthfully is fundamental to creating a more effective vegan movement. She shares communication tools that decrease conflict and increase connection from her new book, Getting Relationships Right: How to Build Resilience and Thrive in Life, Love, and Work. Watch the replay! 


Debunk Myths of Choice with Clare Mann & Marilyn Kroplick, MD

Our third activist author interview features vegan psychologist Clare Mann and In Defense of Animals’ President Dr. Marilyn Kroplick who explore why people resist changing their diet after learning about the horrific animal suffering and serious environmental degradation due to animal agriculture and the healthful benefits of veganism. Clare helps animal activists understand the reasons behind others’ apathy and provides tools to affect change in her new book, Myths of Choice: Why People Won’t Change and What You Can Do About It. Watch the replay! 


Raise Your Voice for Animal Liberation with Brittany Michelson

Our fourth activist author interview features Brittany Michelson and her contributors Gwenna Hunter and Amy Jean Davis who inspire and motivate us with their vision of a more ethical world. Brittany highlights the words of both new and highly influential voices in the movement today in her new book, Voices for Animal Liberation: Inspirational Accounts by Animal Rights Activists. Watch the replay! 


Vegan Ketogenic Success with Nicole Derseweh and Whitney Lauritsen

Our fifth activist author interview features vegan chef Nicole Derseweh and content creator Whitney Lauritsen, co-authors of the complete guide to eating vegan meals that contain the right high-fat, low-carb nutritional content for optimal health and weight loss. They share 75 satisfying high-fat, low-carb, dairy-free recipes in their new book, The Vegan Ketogenic Diet Cookbook. Watch the replay! 


Go Vegan with Fitness Coaches Jo and Alex 

Vegan entrepreneurs and athletes Josianne La Rose and Alexandre Gravelle join our Carnivores Anonymous online meeting to share their vegan stories and offer fitness tips they learned along the way. Watch the replay!



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